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Home Page of Female DJ and Celebrity DJ Casey Connor Female DJ Casey Connor Biography in Los Angeles and New York See what the Press is saying about Female DJ and Celebrity DJ Casey Connor Celebrity Clients of Celebrity DJ Casey Connor in Los Angeles, New York, Beverly Hills, Miami, and Hollywood Celebrity Photos of Femal DJ Casey Connor and Celebrities from New York, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Miami Female DJ's Celebrity Event Calendar for Celebrity Female DJ Casey Connor Recent Female DJ News for Celebrity DJ Casey Connor Music Services offered by Celebrity Female DJ Casey Connor Female DJ Casey Connor of Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills Links To hire a Female DJ, Contact Celebrity DJ Casey Connor of Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Hollywood, Beverly Hills Female DJ (shejay) Casey Connor from Los Angeles to New York City is an internationally recognized celebrity DJ/Entertainer, highly sought after by an impressive collection of A-list clientele. Her dynamic approach to the turntables has given her a coveted celebrity following. Casey brings a fresh, feminine perspective to the events she DJ’s for. Her A-list clientele including Madonna, Britney Spears, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, Kanye West, P. Diddy, Robert Deniro, Jennifer Lopez and a never ending list of Hollywood’s most famous names had vaulted Casey into exclusive company within the industry. A native New Yorker, Casey’s career began at the age of ten with a role in the film “A League Of Their Own” starring Madonna and Gina Davis under the direction of Penny Marshall. After performing in several productions throughout New York, Casey attended the renowned LaGuardia High School for the performing arts. While at LaGuardia, Casey excelled in voice, dance, and theater. Upon graduating she continued her acting and singing career being cast on the top soap opera “Guiding Light” as a regular character and was signed to a major record label recording an album by the time she turned 19. Casey made her splash onto the DJ scene after being discovered by acclaimed manager, Benny Medina. Benny had propelled the careers of Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith amongst others. Upon Benny’s recommendation, she began training with Spinderella from the famed Salt N Peppa group. This served as the catalyst for Casey to captivate the entertainment industry with her dizzying array of DJ skills. Fresh off a two year national tour with MAXIM Magazine’s model search Casey has added many of the hippest locations in the world to her impressive resume of internationally recognized clients which include: Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, People Magazine, MTV’s VMA’s, Fox’s New Years party, Sundance and Cannes film festivals, Donald Trump Events, among others. Her high energy style and model looks have garnered her the coveted title of celebrity DJ in LA and NY not to mention the massive following she has achieved across the Atlantic in the hottest of European locations. As she rapidly becomes a household name in the trendy circles of Hollywood’s elite, Casey Connor offers more than music. She provides her upscale clientele and party goers with a dynamic experience that is not soon to be forgotten. Her innovative and self-styled manner of DJing constitutes more than spinning records. It is an all inclusive performance in which Casey showcases her talents as an entertainer in a fashion that goes beyond her skills at the turntables and takes pride of being one of the industry’s most sought after “performance DJ’s”. As quoted in Las Vegas Weekly magazine, “I give more of a performance when i’m DJing so the energy really maintains throughout the whole entire night” says Casey of her unique brand of DJing. Casey Connor brings a wide range of talents to the table as a singer, songwriter, actress and dancer. Her songs have appeared on records for the Backstreet Boys, Jessica Simpson, Michelle Branch and the Fast and the Furious soundtrack, just as she’s exhibited her artistic abilities in “Garden State”, “Sex and the City”, and “The Brave One” starring alongside renowned actress Jodie Foster. The spotlight may be burning white hot for Casey but her personal commitment to working with children remains one of the focal points in her life as she volunteers for the Boys and Girls club and the UCLA Medical center children’s ward. Her desire to be a role model to young girls has made her a fixture at many Hollywood charity events and fundraisers. Another popular term for female DJ is (shejay). Casey Connor, celebrity DJ from Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and New York, is the music master who can spin records for Celebrity A-LIST Hollywood types including Kanye West, Paris Hilton, Rolling Stone Magazine, and Jennifer Lopez. Check out the website! Casey Connor Celebrity Female DJ Photos 1 Casey Connor Celebrity Female DJ Photos 2 Casey Connor Celebrity Female DJ Photos 3 Casey Connor Celebrity Female DJ Photos 4 Casey Connor Celebrity Female DJ Photos 5 Casey Connor Celebrity Female DJ Photos 6 Casey Connor Celebrity Female DJ Photos 7